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Tuesday this week saw the Tyber Trio (“The Three Tims”) performing a fine selection of J S Bach Variations in the atmospheric foyer of the newly reopened Fairfield Halls  in Croydon. The Fairfeld  Halls are rapidly re-establishing their long standing... Read More

Hey – That’s some way to say goodbye!!!

Well not exactly, it’s NOT really goodbye I’m afraid, even though I am sure that there are some  who might be glad to see the back of moi! I am actually only off for a six week adventure to the... Read More

Hello Halo Hello!

An interactive, LED-lit, halo device that will help people find their way around Croydon’s changing streetscape has been crowned winner of the Croydon i-street competition. The halos which come in three forms – a simple ring, a ribbon and a... Read More

LEAN ON BILL – Plenty Sunshine!

Amazingly the composer and performer of such original soul classics as “Ain’t No Sunshine” from 1971 and “Lean On Me” from the same period is now almost eighty years of age!  Many of Bill’s is songs including the timeless “Just... Read More


Whether Jeremy Corbyn actually stormed Glastonbury or not is probably a mute point, I think that storming is probably best left to my fellow “Thornton Heathen” the rap star Stormzy, or even General ‘Stormin’ Norman Schwartzkopf, the US commander during... Read More


Well today was the annual Croydon Food & Music Festival, and a fantabulous time was had by everyone. It goes without saying that the eclectic range of food on offer ranged from A – Z (Angola to Zanzibar) but this... Read More

Is Mavis Staples the best female soul singer?

  I have come to the conclusion that she may well be. We went to the David Lean arts cinema here in Croydon this evening (completely run by local Croydonian volunteers) to see Mavis! The Documentary about the super talented... Read More

StarSongs – BACK ON TOP!

A BIG Welcome to singers and performers (all musicians really) wherever you may be on the planet. Since you are reading this, our very first blog from the new revitalised website, you will have heard that we have now updated... Read More

Reggie Dark

We discovered that one of our web designers also produces music. From drum and bass to trance to chilled and trip hop, the styles always differ yet you will always know if a track you are listening to was made... Read More

Going for a Song

Going for a song, yes that is what most of us have been doing for decades if not for centuries. Be it a lullaby, a rock song, a love song, a folk song, jazz, metal or country song – The list... Read More