George Michael passed away today from heart failure.

And to George’s legions of fans, friends and admirers who loved him so dearly (and he them of course) he will never be forgotten. So sad that George should leave us at at, but so unexpectedly and on Christmas day of all times, makes our loss all the more poignant.

Since his early days with Andrew Ridgeley in Wham back in the eighties, George was always and originator both in his performance, and of course his ability to write original songs of great distinction. Indeed Billboard Magazine ranked George as the 40th most successful pop artist of all time.

During his career spanning more than thirty years as a performer  and classic songwriter, George sold in excess of 100 million records. During the years of Wham, he produced many fine commercial songs including the much celebrated “Careless Whisper” and “Last Christmas”, but it was when he went solo and with the release of the “Faith” album that it really became apparent just how creative George’s songwriting actually was, and this continued through “Older” the amusingly titled “At your convenience”  and 2004’s “Patience”.

Outside of the limelight. George was mostly a private man but his memory will undoubtedly live on brightly, not only through his music, but also because of his quietly given support for an enormous number international charities.

At 53, George was taken from us far too soon.