It depends on you point of view, but one thing is for sure, there are now “officially” more than half a million vegans in Britain would you believe? Research by Mintel has found that nearly fifty percent of Britons have reduced or are considering cutting down on their intake of meat and other animal products. This is apparently mainly for health reasons, by the unavoidable fact is that indifferent carnivores are currently in the minority, with supermarkets (Marks & Spencer in particular) cashing in by selling a range of vegan products and with vegan sandwiches literally “flying off the shelves” at lunchtime.

Now I can’t realistically ever see myself becoming a full time hippy, (Ahem – I mean vegan) but I have to confess that there are some items on the vegan menu that I find quite delicious, and if they are both good for me and also my fellow animals, then that is no bad thing. It has to be (almost!) a win win  scenario.

In truth, I feel that the way forward for me is probably as a “Flexitarian”  me thinks.  By this I mean that if I fancy a sirloin steak, the occasional Sunday roast blowout or baked haddock then I am not going to deny myself – Sorry. Moderation and eclecticity in most things has been my usual mantra for most of life. As in music where my taste ranges from Beethoven to Bowie via Dylan, Cohen and Chet Baker, so it with continue with my diet, alcohol consumption, donations to charity and appreciation of art and people.

Here’s to being a Hippie or  at least Flexitarian – Cheers!!