Well not exactly, it’s NOT really goodbye I’m afraid, even though I am sure that there are some  who might be glad to see the back of moi! I am actually only off for a six week adventure to the US when i will be visiting both long standing friends (Tim) in Holland, Michigan and new more recent chum Chet  in Phoenix, Arizona. Before during and after my visits to these “fine fellows” I will be visiting several major music cities that I have never been to previously, including Detroit, Chicago, Seattle and Denver. Aside from the obligatory destinations like the Motown museum, the Grand Canyon and the incredible Henry Ford park and museum, it is my avowed intention to “infiltrate” some of the local scenes and most importantly to soak up some local original music.

I will not be travelling the entire length of the legendary Route 66 , but I will be touching on a portion of it whilst in Arizona – Perhaps on my next visit – Who Knows?

On my return I will report everything that I have seen, heard and experienced in the land of “uncle Sam”, Bob’s Dylan and Hope, Martin Luther King, Cecil B DeMille, Babe Ruth and Donald J Trump.

I doubt whether I shall be invited to either the White House or Trump Tower, but I very much look forward  to receiving good ‘down home’ hospitality from ordinary Americans.