Judy Dench who has long been one of our ‘National Treasures’ and can be guaranteed to always speak words that make excellent and good sense on all occasions. Dear Judi who  has been in a relationship with conservationist David Mills for a few years says that at the age of 82, that she is too old to get married again. She sadly lost her late husband the marvellous actor Michael Williams to lung cancer in 2001.

Judi struggles with how to refer to David, “Partner is something to do with dancing isn’t it?”  “Boyfriend/girlfriend is a tricky proposition for anyone over the age of 40 to pull off – it smacks of someone trying to recapture their youth” “Better half? Significant other? Bloke who takes the bins out?” Dame Judi I understand rather likes the word ‘Chap’.

May I respectfully offer my suggestion, it works for me (in my head at least) – My hero/Heroine.

You will be bound to be singing the same tune if he is your Hero.