Whether Jeremy Corbyn actually stormed Glastonbury or not is probably a mute point, I think that storming is probably best left to my fellow “Thornton Heathen” the rap star Stormzy, or even General ‘Stormin’ Norman Schwartzkopf, the US commander during the first Gulf War.

Whether Jezza actually totally measures up to these two very diverse luminaries is a matter for debate, but there is no doubt that JC (as many of his ardent disciples call him) was the surprise hit at the Glastonbury Festival this year!

His powerful address to the assembled multitudes who had already been “warmed up” by songwriter Craig David’s excellent set of beautifully performed original songs on the Pyramid Stage, was certainly ecstatically received. Right from his warm welcome from festival founder Michael Eaves and clutching what was presumably a copy of the Labour Party manifesto, he could do no wrong. Quoting lines from Shelley (“Rise like lions after slumber” “You are the many, they are the few”) making pronouncements on global warming, zero hours employment contracts, on global warming, and women’s rights not to mention hid message to american President Donald J Trump:- “Build bridges not walls” the day belonged to Jeremy.

What next? Prime Minister May to run rampant through the Hay Festival?