Amazingly the composer and performer of such original soul classics as “Ain’t No Sunshine” from 1971 and “Lean On Me” from the same period is now almost eighty years of age!  Many of Bill’s is songs including the timeless “Just The Two Of Us”,  have been staples of movies, samples, and commercials for decades. His highly original songs have been covered by the likes of Paul McCartney (an accolade in itself) and performed by our  current British pop hero Ed Sheeran, who recently paid homage to the great man by performing “Lonely Town, Lonely Street” & “Ain’t No Sunshine” at Carnegie Hall, where indeed Bill performed them back in 1973.

Bill himself though,seems to be something of a recluse nowadays.

Despite his incredible legacy and the esteem that he is held in by his fellow artists from all generations, Bill is unusual among his peers with in his humility, modestly and generally laid back attitude. Sadly for us he chooses to perform only rarely these days and I found it quite revealing what he told the interviewer in a the PRS Magazine article recently:- ‘The most advice I would give is, “Enjoy what you’re doing, You may or may not get approval and money. so don’t cheat yourself out of the pleasure of doing”

Yup – What a great maxim on how to lead ones life, don’t you think?- Yeah there’s PLENTY of sunshine here.