Well today was the annual Croydon Food & Music Festival, and a fantabulous time was had by everyone. It goes without saying that the eclectic range of food on offer ranged from A – Z (Angola to Zanzibar) but this mini festival was so much more than that with DJ’s, Pop and Heavy Rock Bands mostly playing original songs, Reggae and of course lots of love good vibes and general bonhomie from the community at large – See the revellers enjoying themselves outside the normally very sedate Boswell Cottages! Even the local Conservatives were here in force (they were probably attempting to rival Jezza’s performance at Glastonbury!) not to mention the lovely ladies with wings, strutting their stuff on stilts. Anyway, the weather was kind this year and this “much ado about something” continued well into the evening.

My own particular favourite event was the set performed by the excellent “WAKEBAND” featuring some pretty mean fidle playing and was one of the early highlights of the extremely enjoyable 2017 Croydon Food & Music Festival.