….. stroll down memory lane. That was the conclusion that I came to following my visit to the David Lean “arts” Theatre here in sunny Croydon this evening to see this 1967 “Summer Of Love” movie which was banned in the UK until about 2005 because of its overt drug connotations! With a screenplay by Jack Nicholson written over two years prior to his emergence portraying the small town lawyer in “Easy Rider” and his journey to become the icon and superstar that he was to become.

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy this film up to a point, but I was actually a bit relieved to see the closing credits. It would probably have been less tedious if had contained some ‘cool’ tracks of great songs

from the period (there was much to choose from) in the way that “Easy Rider” would do in 1969 with contributions by Janis Joplin and Steppenwolf et al.

In trying to visualize a notion of what Peter fonda goes through on an LSD trip, Roger Corman (Director) has simply resorted to a long succession of familiar cinematic images, accompanied by uninspiring weird music and sounds.

Nevertheless, it’s worth seeing provided you don’t return after the interval!