I do like to see movies that are related to music, songs and popular culture, even if it is a something which takes me out of my “comfort zone” – and Rap has largely been one of those genres. Although since I was introduced to the late Heavy D  by one of my all time guitar heroes BB King on his album “Deuces”, I have been a little more enlightened about the relevance of Rap.

Patti Cakes is essentially a Cinderella like tale telling the story of white, overweight New Jersey barmaid, who aspires together with her band (which includes her wheelchair bound Nan, a pharmacist, and an eccentric reclusive musician) to break out of her dire circumstances to find success as a rapper.

Patti played convincingly by Danielle Macdonald, endures more than her fair share of knock backs and head butts (literally!) but does eventually manage to achieve a degree of personal advancement and satisfaction.

I really do hope that this movie will be a big box office success. However, my gut feeling is more likely to follow in the footsteps of some of its illustrious predecessors, (The Commitments, The Blues Brothers, Spinal Tap etc etc) building its reputation gradually over time, to become a veritable CLASSIC.