Twenty years on, the magic of Diana, Princess of Hearts and her influence on ordinary people shows absolutely no signs of abating. Glancing back on the numerous Royal family members that we have been ‘subject’ to in Britain, it is fairly easy to identify their weaknesses and strengths. Best hairstyle? Charles II (go see the statue in Soho square). Most diligent? H.M. the Queen. Most acerbic wit? Prince Philip. Quickest to sink a G & T? Possibly Princess Margaret. Most stoic? Queen Victoria. Most hypocritical? Possibly the Prince of Wales.

But the real deal when comes to being a royal – the meeting and greeting, the looking the part, the one who played our tune and who would always light up the room, without a shadow of a doubt no-one can come anywhere near to Diana. It did not matter who it was she was greeting, anyone and everyone queued to meet and be introduced to her. “I know what my job is” is once said, “It is to meet the people and love them”. And they loved her back – in spades!