It has been suggested by the recently appointed Minister for London  Greg Hands, that the Notting Hill Carnival  which was founded by Trinidadian born journalist and activist Claudia Jones way back in 1958, be moved.

What???? How out of touch can this guy be?  Carnival was created by Jones as a celebration of black culture as a response to the racially motivated riots back then. Whilst racism has not yet been completely eradicated Carnival has grown  into a major multi racial party and celebration of enormous proportions, with highly creative floats. sounds systems, and amazing parade through the local streets and the music – oh the music – beyond belief – so good. You only need to look at the picture here taken at last years successful event to see just how Carnival transcends and embraces the generations.

Yes, there is sometimes a little bit of trouble here and there, but when you consider the numbers of people attending this world class social event (a party to be more precise) and just enjoying themselves in a joyous responsible manner, then any misdemeanors  do seem rather less significant – Don’t ya think?

Next year will mark the 60th anniversary of Claudia’s brainchild, so let us pray that Mr Hands has been relocated by then rather than our beloved Carnival.