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“Fangs Guys” – Taylor Bites Back!

Following on from her recent controversial three snake videos posted on social media, Taylor Swift is shortly to to reward her fans with a new album. Ahead of the album she has today released an interesting single “Look What You... Read More

Hello Halo Hello!

An interactive, LED-lit, halo device that will help people find their way around Croydon’s changing streetscape has been crowned winner of the Croydon i-street competition. The halos which come in three forms – a simple ring, a ribbon and a... Read More

Shania Reveals Secret about Mr P!

For almost two decades fans and followers of songwriter and country music star Shania Twain , have scratched their heads as to the meaning of her 1997 smash hit “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. Twain recently revealed to her audience at... Read More

Amy – Oh how we miss her.

Six years today since Amy left us! I hardly seems possible, but it’s true and I can hardly say more than to echo Lady Gaga’s tribute on social media today:- “We all miss you and your voice, Amy. Good time... Read More

Croydon takes Pride

The Gods were certainly smiling today (sunshine throughout) for the now established Croydon Pride Festival in Queens Gardens, where the vibes were full of good will, humour and of course excellent music and lots of dancing. It was truly an... Read More

“Saving Dreams” – Yes we ALL have them.

Well, I have just returned from the Croydon Grants Vue cinema where I saw “Saving Dreams” one of the most thought provoking movies that I have seen in quite a while. Written and directed by Isioro T. Jaboro, a “taster”... Read More

LEAN ON BILL – Plenty Sunshine!

Amazingly the composer and performer of such original soul classics as “Ain’t No Sunshine” from 1971 and “Lean On Me” from the same period is now almost eighty years of age!  Many of Bill’s is songs including the timeless “Just... Read More


George Michael passed away today from heart failure. And to George’s legions of fans, friends and admirers who loved him so dearly (and he them of course) he will never be forgotten. So sad that George should leave us at... Read More


Pura Aura have been fund raising to buy land and build a school for underprivileged and vulnerable children to have access to an education. Stand Up For Kids Foundation is a charitable school community in Accra, Ghana. Their fundraising started... Read More


All you local musicians, artists. poets and other creative Thornton Heathens, should toddle along to Thornton Heath library tomorrow at 1.00 pm where there will be a 2 hour lunchtime event where artists will show their work and be interviewed,... Read More