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Tuesday this week saw the Tyber Trio (“The Three Tims”) performing a fine selection of J S Bach Variations in the atmospheric foyer of the newly reopened Fairfield Halls  in Croydon. The Fairfeld  Halls are rapidly re-establishing their long standing... Read More


Did you know that here are approximately 38,000 known species of spiders and that Scientists believe there are an equal number to this yet to be discovered? That spiders are found on every continent with the exception Antarctica? An estimated... Read More

4 Cool Dudes – St Georges Walk

Walking through St Georges walk yesterday, which is (slowly) becoming not just an embryo Arts Quarter  but something of an alternative Art gallery gallery itself, both in the traditional sense and more significantly with its ever evolving “Street Canvas“, I... Read More

Let’s hear it for the Croydon JAMBOX initiative

Now here’s a GREAT initiative from Ruth Titmarsh – Lets’s “SPREAD” THE WORD. JamBox is a unique project that allows musicians of all levels to play alongside established professionals who normally provide backing for some of the top names in the... Read More

Hello Halo Hello!

An interactive, LED-lit, halo device that will help people find their way around Croydon’s changing streetscape has been crowned winner of the Croydon i-street competition. The halos which come in three forms – a simple ring, a ribbon and a... Read More

Don’t Mess With Croydon. – OK!

  Now, some exciting news which is not about original songs this time (unless you want it to be of course!) – For the first time ever this year’s Mayor of Croydon Civic Awards has a category just for Don’t Mess With Croydon:... Read More

You’re Surrounded By Turf

Well today I attended the  opening of “You’re Surrounded By Me” an amazing exhibition at Croydon town centre art gallery Turf Projects in Keeley Road.  Curated by the affable and knowledgeable Chris Alton, it was quite an experience. With contributions... Read More

Amy – Oh how we miss her.

Six years today since Amy left us! I hardly seems possible, but it’s true and I can hardly say more than to echo Lady Gaga’s tribute on social media today:- “We all miss you and your voice, Amy. Good time... Read More

Muriel’s Musings

Here is a rare picture showing a significant section of Patricia Bancroft’s 1995/1996 mural which believed to still remain in JJ’s former office at Farrer’s Place. This was the very room where the first original song collaboration betwixt Croydon songwriters... Read More

“Croydon Partnership” – Will it really benefit the people of Croydon?

I am not actually sure. – Are You? There has been much anticipation of the redevelopment of the centre of our beloved Croydon by the giant Hammerson and Westfield conglomerates, commonly given the public title “CROYDON PARTNERSHIP” But WHEN is... Read More