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Princess Diana – Her light is UNDIMINISHED.

Twenty years on, the magic of Diana, Princess of Hearts and her influence on ordinary people shows absolutely no signs of abating. Glancing back on the numerous Royal family members that we have been ‘subject’ to in Britain, it is... Read More

Something’s Gonna Change Our World – Hopefully?

I really cannot believe or even “imagine” it. Apparently, a plan for students at a Grammar School in Karachi have had to abandon their plans to sing John Lennon’s classic peace song “Imagine” at their school concert. Complaints have been... Read More

Have the hippies won then?

It depends on you point of view, but one thing is for sure, there are now “officially” more than half a million vegans in Britain would you believe? Research by Mintel has found that nearly fifty percent of Britons have... Read More

Tooting Folk & Blues Festival – Original Music Lives

Patricia and I recently attended and thoroughly enjoyed this incredible annual FREE festival on Tooting Common, which was promoted by ‘The Breathing Room’. As songwriters ourselves, it was great to hear live bands performing virtually all new and original songs.... Read More