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Hey – That’s some way to say goodbye!!!

Well not exactly, it’s NOT really goodbye I’m afraid, even though I am sure that there are some  who might be glad to see the back of moi! I am actually only off for a six week adventure to the... Read More

“Fangs Guys” – Taylor Bites Back!

Following on from her recent controversial three snake videos posted on social media, Taylor Swift is shortly to to reward her fans with a new album. Ahead of the album she has today released an interesting single “Look What You... Read More


Sheeran  that is not Miliband erstwhile Labour Party leader 0r Grundy (amiable simpleton of Archers fame) who after such a meteoric rise to stardom is now one of the most steamed musicians on the digital music service. At the age... Read More

Amy – Oh how we miss her.

Six years today since Amy left us! I hardly seems possible, but it’s true and I can hardly say more than to echo Lady Gaga’s tribute on social media today:- “We all miss you and your voice, Amy. Good time... Read More

“Croydon Partnership” – Will it really benefit the people of Croydon?

I am not actually sure. – Are You? There has been much anticipation of the redevelopment of the centre of our beloved Croydon by the giant Hammerson and Westfield conglomerates, commonly given the public title “CROYDON PARTNERSHIP” But WHEN is... Read More

STARSONGS – “On The Road Again”

Well – Friday 16th June has now gone down as BLACK FRIDAY in the history of our when we totally disappeared from sight ( pun intended!) What happened? Were we hacked? Had aliens taken over? We don’t really know... Read More


Whether Jeremy Corbyn actually stormed Glastonbury or not is probably a mute point, I think that storming is probably best left to my fellow “Thornton Heathen” the rap star Stormzy, or even General ‘Stormin’ Norman Schwartzkopf, the US commander during... Read More


George Michael passed away today from heart failure. And to George’s legions of fans, friends and admirers who loved him so dearly (and he them of course) he will never be forgotten. So sad that George should leave us at... Read More

Uncle Len – Uncrowned Poet Laureate Dies

Leonard Cohen the great poet and songwriter died this morning. I guess it was inevitable that his passing was fairly imminent, given the nature of some of his lyrics from his recently released and much acclaimed album “You Want It... Read More

In Support of the Enemy

The New Musical Express (NME) known affectionately to musicians as “The Enemy” is the last remaining national music paper left from the heyday of the late 1950s through to the 1990s.  Casualties along the way have included Melody Maker, Sounds,... Read More