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Sickly Come Prancing Returns!

Well strictly will be back on our screens on September 9th I hear – I can’t wait!!! Admittedly, I am possibly the only citizen in the UK who does not get it, but I do question why this programme has... Read More

You’re Surrounded By Turf

Well today I attended the  opening of “You’re Surrounded By Me” an amazing exhibition at Croydon town centre art gallery Turf Projects in Keeley Road.  Curated by the affable and knowledgeable Chris Alton, it was quite an experience. With contributions... Read More

Going for a Song

Going for a song, yes that is what most of us have been doing for decades if not for centuries. Be it a lullaby, a rock song, a love song, a folk song, jazz, metal or country song – The list... Read More